Volume Buddy

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Volume Buddy is a one of a kind LUFS auto gain plugin that will change the way you mix and create music.  

- A Max for Live plugin for Ableton 10 Suite and Ableton 11 Suite only -


  • The only volume compensation plugin to do all routing within one plugin. It's no longer necessary for a send and receive pair of plugins.
  • Remove volume bias from your mixing by automatically compensating the difference in volume introduced by plugins with extreme quickness and stability. 
  • Volume Buddy gain stages in LUFS which is the measurement closest to how the human ear perceives sound. Post-effect perceived volume should sound equivalent to pre-effect perceived volume and LUFS measures precisely that.
  • Train your ears to listen to how effects and plugins change your sound and not the volume.
  • Increase the speed at which you work and mix without the need to manually gain stage.
  • Target Mode allows you to specify a specific LUFS level you want Volume Buddy to maintain. Volume Buddy automatically raises or lowers incoming audio to meet that level.
  • Works with all plugin types (VST, AU, native Ableton effects).
  • CPU Friendly.

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Current Version: 2.5.2


-Fixed a bug causing crashes in Ableton.

- Miscellaneous bug fixes.


- Fixed rare issues where track names with symbols, characters, or blank midi channels might prevent Volume Buddy from identifying current channel

- Fixed bug that would cause LUFS to flicker volume after playing when previously paused

- Fixed bug where the gain offset number box wouldn’t allow the user to type in values properly

- Fixed issues relating to unwanted volume spikes

v2.5: Major bug fixes.  Issues relating to the plugin not working have been fixed. New gain offset function to adjust the level of compensation for the selected chain.  Hold button can now be automated.  CPU optimizations.

v2.2: Bug fixes. Fixes issues relating to Volume Buddy unable to find proper routing channel which caused volume spikes. Issues relating to Volume Buddy 2 not working on various midi channels fixed as well.

v2: Volume Buddy 2 no longer needs a send and receive pair of plugins as all the routing takes place in one instance now.  Incredibly quick and even more stable compared to version 1. New GUI. CPU reduction and general improvements.

v1.1: Fixed bug where volume would not remain set in Target Mode after pausing and replaying. Fixed a bug where volume would overshoot target value in certain instances.  Added slider to adjust speed of update. Rack Mode now automatically detects when placed in a group. Now automatically slows down volume adjust and stops once target volume is reached, then upon change, adjusts again. Average Diff. bug fixed where upon clicking to see pre-adjust level, it would not return back to the proper Average Diff. value. Manual has been updated (please re-read).

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Volume Buddy