Chain Shaper - The Most Intuitive Multiband Audio Triggered Sidechain Utility.

Noir Labs

For Ableton 10 and 11 Suite only.

Chain Shaper is the cleanest and most intuitive audio triggered ducking ever made. Up to 6 input channels can be routed from drums, loops, synths or vocals and Chain Shaper will automatically duck them out without the need for any threshold control. It’s more transparent and accurate than sidechain compression and requires no dummy clips like other audio ducking tools. Chain Shaper offers an extensive feature set with an unparalleled ease of use.

  • Featured in Computer Music Magazine Issue 273.
  • "Not only is it quicker to use than its competition, but it allows for a level of precision I can’t seem to get from other devices....Chain Shaper truly outperforms all of its competitors." - Sonic Scoop
  • 4 out of 5 star review and tutorial from GARDNSOUND - 

- A Max for Live plugin for Ableton 10 Suite and Ableton 11 Suite only -

Key Features

- First of its kind automatic transient detection. Automatically detects drum hits at any volume without the need for any threshold control. Use it for entire drum busses or route each hit into an individual channel. Also to duck out vocals and sustained elements of your mix with the same level of precision.

- Route up to 6 audio channels for precision ducking in one instance.

- Transparent multiband splitter to target specific frequency bands for ducking on each individual audio channel.

- Multi-channel oscilloscope to view how each channel affects the ducking and interacts with each other.

- Uses only 2.8ms of latency and low CPU.

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Chain Shaper - The Most Intuitive Multiband Audio Triggered Sidechain Utility.

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